Review Articles

The Journal of Hand Surgery includes 8 types of review articles.

Current Concepts
The Current Concepts section provides up-to-date information on 60 essential topics on a three-year rotation. Articles provide a clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment, complications, and outcomes.

Evidence-Based Medicine
The Evidence-Based Medicine section uses case-based learning and applies this concept to all aspects of the management of a particular disease, including etiology, diagnosis, nonsurgical and surgical treatment, aftercare, and outcomes.

Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews
The ASSH’s Evidence-Based Practice Committee provides the journal with Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews three times a year. These reviews offer brief but focused information about a number of specific clinical research articles pertaining to the upper extremity that have been recently published in peer reviewed journals. Unsolicited articles are not accepted.

Hand Surgery Complications
Hand Surgery Complications articles offer brief but focused information about one specific complication of hand surgery treatment, be it nonsurgical or surgical. Articles discuss how and why the complication has occurred, its adverse effects, treatment, and--most importantly--precise strategies about preventing the complication.

The Hand Surgery Landscape
The Hand Surgery Landscape section offers a broad scope of topics including ethics, education, advocacy, clinical material, and practice management.

Hand Surgery Practice
Hand Surgery Practice articles increase awareness of the most common challenges that face hand surgeons at all stages of their careers--whether early, late, or after retirement--and propose solutions to these problems. The topics may include practice management issues, ethics and professionalism, legal matters, health care concern, social media, and education as related to hand surgery for residents, fellows, and practicing hand surgeons.

Hand Syndromes
Hand Syndromes articles are short summaries that offer brief but focused information about one specific syndrome that is associated with a congenital hand anomaly.

In Brief
In Brief articles are short summaries that focus on the relevant, recent peer-review literature pertaining to specific hand and upper extremity surgical conditions or medical problems relevant to our medical practices.

Surgical Technique
The Surgical Techniques section provides step-by-step details of various surgical procedures relevant to clinical practice. Articles discuss indications and contraindications, surgical anatomy, surgical technique, postoperative management, pearls and pitfalls, and complications; many articles also provide a case illustration.