Editorial| Volume 1, ISSUE 1, Piii, February 2001


      Welcome. On behalf of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, the Editorial Board, and W.B. Saunders, I hope you enjoy our efforts at providing you with a significant resource for education that will prove helpful and enjoyable. We will review all of hand surgery in a five year cycle using well-written and illustrated articles, detail state-of-the-art surgical techniques, and provide addition useful information for the clinical practice of hand surgery. In addition, we would hope to enhance the joy and privilege that each of us experiences interacting with this most remarkable extension of the human spirit. The hand, through touch and grasp, expresses the most intimate and cherished feelings of people. We are fortunate to care for such a valuable intermediary.
      Most certainly, this Journal will mature with time and constructive comments are always welcome. We would like to encourage submission of appropriate manuscripts that have been well thought out and carefully produced.