Letter to the Editor| Volume 39, ISSUE 2, P402, February 2014

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      We agree with you, and I am sure the reviewers and editor agree as well. Not only is language an issue, but also experience and training. There were many drafts edited to try to get the terminology accurate and consistent, but your careful eye found a persistent inconsistency. To clarify, the reliability data relate to diagnosis of scapholunate dissociation on radiographs, and the accuracy data relate to the diagnosis of scapholunate ligament disruption diagnosed according to the described reference standard.

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      • Inconsistent Acronym Use
        Journal of Hand SurgeryVol. 39Issue 2
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          I was distressed upon reading an article in the September 2013 issue1 in which the authors reported on the interobserver reliability of diagnosing a scapholunate dissociation. Unfortunately, the acronym SLD was used to define both scapholunate dissociation and scapholunate ligament disruption.
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