Erratum| Volume 32, ISSUE 6, P923, July 2007

Evaluation of Ulnar Styloid Process Length

        In the article by Brigitte van Der Heijden et al. that appeared in the September 2005 issue of the Journal (“Evaluation of Ulnar Styloid Length” Vol. 30A, No. 5, pp 954–959), the name of one of the authors was printed incorrectly. Her name should have been spelled Sandra Groot.

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        • Evaluation of Ulnar Styloid Length
          Journal of Hand SurgeryVol. 30Issue 5
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            General awareness of the ulnar styloid impaction syndrome is low and often is neglected. Radiographic evaluation of the ulnar styloid length generally includes an x-ray of the posteroanterior view. This study analyzed the effect of different radiographic views to assess the length of the ulnar styloid. The ulnar styloid–capitate ratio (SCR) expresses the relative length of the ulnar styloid, and we compare this ratio with the ulnar styloid process index (USPI).
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