Letter to the Editor| Volume 32, ISSUE 6, P923, July 2007

SCSSH Annual Award

      To the Editor:
      Over the last several years at our annual journal club meeting, The Southern California Society for Surgery of the Hand has voted on what the membership feels is the most clinically relevant article that is most likely to alter our future practice of hand surgery. As always, there were numerous excellent articles. Our selection this year, “Relationship Between the Duration and Severity of Symptoms and the Outcome of Carpal Tunnel Surgery” by Burke et al (J Hand Surg 2006;31A:1478–1482), was made based on the importance of new information that challenges the prevailing idea that the duration of carpal tunnel syndrome may not be as predictive of the outcome compared with the severity of symptoms at the time of presentation. We commend the authors for their important contribution, and we have presented them with an honorarium that will be shared between their 2 centers. We are thankful to The Journal of Hand Surgery for its fine work and the opportunity to contribute.